We don't have to be in the same place to be together.

"We don’t have to be in the same place to be together illustrates through the use of a single adolescent male subject the extraordinary nature of a twin consciousness. Shot so as to appear to be two people, the twins express through their subject the level of unspoken intimacy that exists between them exploring by way of body language and behavioural idiosyncrasy the apparent physical and psychological bond that joins them, irrevocably, irreversibly.”

Written by Nicola Baird, Who’s Jack magazine.

‘We don’t have to be in the same place to be together’ was exhibited in two parts, projected side by side as shown below and has been held in the Central Saint Martins archives since 2012 . The work has since been exhibited at various locations including the Lethaby gallery and the Holborn Viaduct project space.

Vital Attachment.


Vital Attachment was made on site at Central Saint Martins. The Lake Twins had been exploring a visual merging and play between painting and performance that began with their earlier work ‘Construction workers construct Longfield Academy, Kent.’ This earlier work dictated the visual outcome of Vital Attachment. The film depicts a moving painting where two identical beings swing their arms to reach one another but fail to meet. With each cut the figures repeat this action and become part of an infinite cycle. 

Vital Attachment has been exhibited at Central Saint Martins and Gallery 286 in Earls Court, London as part of the Lake Twins solo show ‘TWO’.

Separate in Place, Together in Mind.


Separate in Place, Together in Mind shows the same figure shot in different places. Each location depicted has been significant to the twins or used in earlier films. The scenes are forever changing but the figure, faceless and nameless becomes the thread that connects the locations. The figure illustrates a mindful togetherness that the Lake Twins share even when apart. 


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