Helsinki Exhibtions, MIX/MATCH

Korjaamo Culture Fractory,Helsinki, Finland.

During August 2019, The Lake Twins were invited to exhibit their work at The Korjaamo Culture Factory exhibition space in Helsinki as part of an international exhibition. Working with the ongoing theme of multiples and the virtual creation of duplicates, The Lake Twins exhibited their film We don’t have to be in the same place together that depicts the duplication of a male figure, composed in a variety of different locations. Filming for the scenes took place in various, contrasting locations across the U.K and although separated by screens and location, the figures look to one another, connected by visual appearance and gaze, this time planted into another, new location. MIX/MATCH invited the film into an audience inclusive space and artist performances took place in front of the film. The exhibition took part in the ‘Night of the Arts Helsinki’ thirty year programme.

The exhibition was curated by Rigulio Graak.

Gallery 286 Group Exhibition

Gallery 286, Earls Court Road, London.

During December 2018, The Lake Twins were invited to exhibit their work at Gallery 286 in Earls Court in London as part of the gallery Christmas show. Working with the ongoing theme of multiples and the virtual creation of duplicates, The Lake Twins multiplied sentimental and shared single objects and familiar human subjects through drawing. Through subtle changes in hues, the drawings can be compared and similarities and differences identified, making connections with their own identity and experiences as twins.


Grey Cube Projects. Straseghem Project Space, Colombia, South America.

During 2018, The Lake Twins exhibited a series of drawings as part of the 'Transactions' exhibition at Straseghem project space, in Colombia, South America. The exhibition was part of Grey Cube Projects, curated by John Angel Rodriguez.

John Angel Rodriguez: " One element to highlight in this exhibition is that works will be installed so that the viewer can recognise a sequence of images similar to those made in graphic novels, it must be noted that although pieces are in unit odd scenes, their assembly tries to recreate a multiplier of narrative lines.

In the works presenting "transaction" each artist expresses an interest in expressing his views on the absurd social situations of our cultural context, some do it from sarcasm, others go to banality or incorporate visual aesthetic that alter the form We understand the notion of public domain.

Transaction is an exhibition that tries to reconcile through figurative and non-linear narrative, visual formats that allow us to match a multilateral and multidimensional environment. Where it is possible to accept and understand each other's otherness.”

Photography by Tom Quintero.

Lights Of Soho. 'Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can do that'. 

Lights of Soho gallery, London. Group exhibition curated by Mark Westall.

During September-October 2016, The Lake Twins exhibited their neon work, 'Mirror Twins' at Lights of Soho, London's first Light Art gallery. The show, 'Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that', was curated by Mark Westall, founder and creative director of FAD' .  

‘Mirror Twins’ (2014) explores The Lake Twins physical symmetry and the way in which they work, always side by side. Lights of Soho has hosted exhibitions from Chris Bracey, Mumford & Sons and Banksy’s protégée,  Press for the exhibition included: the London Evening Standard magazine.

Gallery 286 Christmas Show.  

Gallery 286, Earls Court, London. December 2016.

During December 2016, The Lake Twins were invited to exhibit their work at Gallery 286 in Earls Court, London as part of the gallery Christmas show. The Lake Twins exhibited a drawing that depicts a simple gesture, describing the bond between sisters.

Collaborators 4

Roaming ROOM, Marylebone, London.

Similarly to the drawings exhibited in their solo show ‘TWO’, The Lake Twins created and exhibited a work during September 2015 that encouraged viewers to look for similarities and differences in what they encounter. The drawings were created independently but side by side so that the details can be observed with comparison. 

Art Medellin

International Art Fair, Colombia

A body of recent work by The Lake Twins documenting their practice to date was on show at the International Art Fair, Colombia, South America during 2016.

Not Just for Christmas

Gallery 286, Earls Court road, London.

‘Painted Cats’ depicted a narrative portrait of The Lake Twins and was exhibited at Gallery 286 in Earls Court during December 2015. 

Two working as one artist

Multiple locations.

2012-2013 was a period of projecting two identities onto one being. This character essentially became the spirit of the Lake Twins practice. Through the medium of film, video projection and drawing, the Lake Twins multiplied the subject.

Valentines Mansion

Illford, Essex.

The Lake Twins created a video installation depicting a performance on two facing projection screens. The work responded to the connection and unity between two of Valentines mansions early residents, Robert Surman (1724-1754) and Charles Raymond (1754-1788). Sounds recorded in various locations connected to the early residents were brought into the space to unite past and present. The installation was showcased in 2011 at the mansion as part of a short term residency.