Two in Colour

Gallery 286, Earls Court Road, London.

During 2017, the Lake Twins revisited their earlier monochromatic works with the introduction of colour. ‘Two in Colour’ exhibited neon and colour pencil work that explored transitions between monochrome and selected hues that they are both naturally drawn to. It is through these hues that the twins reveal an additional bond. They are drawn to the same range of hues and this has formed and expressed personality, stylistic tastes and an addition to their twinned identity.

Samples of monochromatic works were selected because they best relate to topical themes in their practice and significant moments that they have shared. Symmetry throughout the work continues to reference their mirrored identity, one left-handed, one right-handed. Themes explore tenderness, sentimentality, and relationships between people and objects.

Drawing Performance at Roaming ROOM

Roaming ROOM Gallery, Marylebone, London.

On Thursday 3rd November 2016 at 7pm, Roaming ROOM gallery presented a live performance by The Lake Twins. For this performance The Lake Twins invited visitors to observe the making of work between twins in a studio set up. 

The Šilainiai Project

The Lake Twins residency in Lithuania. Silainiai, Kaunas.

During August 2016, The Lake Twins explored different parts of Lithuania as artists in residence. Eleven days were spent in the micro-district of Šilainiai in Kaunas for the Šilainiai project. The project invited international artists to make work in public spaces about the micro-district. The Lake Twins presented their residency work to community groups at the public library of Šilainiai and exhibited during October 2016 at Kabinetas gallery in Kaunas. Press included: Lietuvos rytas, (Lithuanian national newspaper).

Project curator, Evelina Simkute introduces the Šilainiai Project as “an initiative oriented to the local community of various generations. In this way it is part of other Lithuanian and foreign practices seen in micro-districts – open creative social platforms, community and participatory arts.”

The Lake Twins documented their experience of Šilainiai through drawing. The composition of the drawings is based on a photo walk during their initial days of exploration. They used drawing both as a means of studying the district and to discover how similar their perceptions of Šilainiai were, to observe how closely they perceived the site as twins. They found that through detailed drawings they could capture a growing personal connection with Šilainiai during their time there.

The Lake Twins (UK) Silainiai Photo Walk Pencil on paper 145 x 63 cm 2016.
Photographic credit: Kabinetas gallery.

The Lake Twins at Turner’s House

A new interpretation of JMW Turner as artist and architect Turner’s House, Twickenham

During the summer of 2015 The Lake Twins were artists in residence at Turner’s House. Enticed by the architectural symmetry of Turner’s House when they first visited, the twins spent days in the house creating a drawing installation that focused on the symmetry and a new, re-imagined space. Symmetry was depicted visually in the drawings, the installation and also dictated the way in which the work was made on site, always side by side.


Gallery 286, Earl’s Court Road, London.

During July 2014, ‘TWO’ documented The Lake Twins practice to date. Through the creation of neon, video and drawings ‘twinship’ was explored. Drawings were created independently but the same sources were used so that when the drawings were brought together the details could be observed with comparison. The Lake Twins therefore used the process of drawing as a means of discovering how similar their perceptions are.

Longfield Academy

Construction workers construct Longfield Academy, Kent.

In 2012 The Lake Twins noticed visual connections between three paintings at the National Gallery in London and a construction site in Kent. Scenes depicted in the paintings were staged at the construction site. connections between present and past and between painting and performance were explored playfully. 

Severndroog Castle

A site inspired performance. London.

The Lake Twins became interested in creating site-specific work at Central Saint Martins in 2009. What appealed to them about Severndroog castle was the symmetry of the castle façade. On one façade there are two turrets, twin turrets.  They decided to create a performance piece that documented their connection with this site; the mirrored identity of the castle façade with their own, mirrored identity as mirror twins.  

Billingsgate Market

Site inspired performance. East London.

2010 was the start of an ongoing desire to project two identities onto one being and a continuing interest in site-specific work that began in 2009. 

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