Selected work 2018


Grey Cube Projects. Straseghem Project Space, Colombia, South America. 2018

During 2018, The Lake Twins exhibited a series of drawings as part of the 'Transactions' exhibition at Straseghem project space, in Colombia, South America. The exhibition was part of Grey Cube Projects, curated by John Angel Rodriguez.

John Angel Rodriguez: " One element to highlight in this exhibition is that works will be installed so that the viewer can recognise a sequence of images similar to those made in graphic novels, it must be noted that although pieces are in unit odd scenes, their assembly tries to recreate a multiplier of narrative lines.

In the works presenting "transaction" each artist expresses an interest in expressing his views on the absurd social situations of our cultural context, some do it from sarcasm, others go to banality or incorporate visual aesthetic that alter the form We understand the notion of public domain.

Transaction is an exhibition that tries to reconcile through figurative and non-linear narrative, visual formats that allow us to match a multilateral and multidimensional environment. Where it is possible to accept and understand each other's otherness.

Photography by Tom Quintero.

Selected work 2016-2017

'Two in Colour' 

Solo show at Gallery 286, Earls Court, London. September 2017.

During 2017, the Lake Twins revisited their monochromatic works with the introduction of colour. ‘Two in Colour’ exhibited neon and colour pencil work that explored transitions between monochrome and selected hues that the Lake Twins are both naturally drawn to. It is through these hues that they reveal an additional bond. They are drawn to the same range of hues and this has formed and expressed personality, stylistic tastes and an addition to their twinned identity.

Samples of monochromatic works were selected because they best relate to topical themes in their practice and significant moments that they have shared. Symmetry throughout the work continues to reference their mirrored identity, one left-handed, one right-handed. Themes explore tenderness, sentimentality, and relationships between people and objects.


International Artists residency programme

The Šilainiai Project. The Lake Twins in Lithuania. Silainiai, Kaunas, August 2016.

During August 2016 the Lake Twins explored different parts of Lithuania as artists in residence. Eleven days were spent in the micro-district of Šilainiai in Kaunas for the Šilainiai project. The project invited international artists to make work in public spaces about the micro-district. The Lake Twins presented their residency work to community groups at the public library of Šilainiai and exhibited during October 2016 at Kabinetas gallery in Kaunas. Press included: Lietuvos rytas, (Lithuanian national newspaper).

Project curator, Evelina Simkute introduces the Šilainiai Project as “an initiative oriented to the local community of various generations. In this way it is part of other Lithuanian and foreign practices seen in micro-districts – open creative social platforms, community and participatory arts.”

The Lake Twins documented their experience of Šilainiai through drawing. The composition of the drawings is based on a photo walk during their initial days of exploration. They used drawing both as a means of studying the district and to discover how similar their perceptions of Šilainiai were, to observe how closely they perceived the site as twins. They found that through detailed drawings they could capture a growing personal connection with Šilainiai during their time there.

The Lake Twins (UK) Silainiai Photo Walk Pencil on paper 145 x 63 cm 2016.

Photographic credit: Kabinetas gallery.


Lights Of Soho. 'Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can do that'. 

Lights of Soho gallery, London. Group exhibition curated by Mark Westall. September-October 2016.

During September-October 2016 the Lake Twins exhibited their neon work, 'Mirror Twins' at Lights of Soho, London's first Light Art gallery. The show, 'Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that', was curated by Mark Westall, founder and creative director of FAD' .  

‘Mirror Twins’ (2014) explores the Lake Twins physical symmetry and the way in which they work, always side by side. Lights of Soho has hosted exhibitions from Chris Bracey, Mumford & Sons and Banksy’s protégée,  Press for the exhibition included: the London Evening Standard magazine.

Photographic credits: LOS gallery. Press: London Evening Standard Magazine.


Gallery 286 Christmas Show.  

Gallery 286, Earls Court, London. December 2016.

During December 2016 The Lake Twins were invited to exhibit their work at Gallery 286 in Earls Court, London as part of the gallery Christmas show. The Lake Twins exhibited a drawing that depicts a simple gesture, describing the bond between sisters.

The Lake Twins. Pencil on hot pressed paper . 77cmx56cm.


Drawing Performance 

Roaming ROOM. November 2016.

On Thursday 3rd November at 7pm Roaming ROOM gallery presented a live performance by The Lake Twins.

The performance involved elements of illusion, and allowed audience members to get up close, taking you on a journey through the mind of a twin.  For this performance The Lake Twins invited visitors to observe the making of work between twins in a studio set up. 


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