Selected work 2012 - 2013

Working as one artist

2012-2013 was a period of projecting two identities onto one being. This character essentially became the spirit of the Lake Twins practice. 

Construction workers construct Longfield Academy

In 2012 The Lake Twins noticed visual connections between three paintings at the National Gallery in London and a construction site in Kent. Scenes depicted in the paintings were staged at the construction site. A myriad of interpretation is sought through the space between looking and seeing; between visions of the present and past and between media, painting and performance. 

“Working off electric mewps and electric hand tools. Building domes, niches, aedicule, Doric columns on the ground floor, and Corinthian on the uppermost floor. Pilasters and lintels constructed with fresh cut Tuscany stone. Long Field Academy is brought into friction by displacement.”

Reference images sourced from The National Gallery, Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, Urbino, and San Francesco, Arezzo.


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