Selected work 2010 - 2011

Severndroog Castle
A site inspired performance

The Lake Twins became interested in creating site-specific work when they started Central Saint Martins in 2009. What appealed to them about Severndroog castle was the symmetry of the castle façade; on one façade there are two turrets, twin turrets.  They decided to create a performance piece that documented their connection with this site; the mirrored identity of the castle façade with their own, mirrored identity as mirror twins.  

Vital Attachment

Vital Attachment became a series of work that explored connection. 

Billingsgate Fish Market
East London

2010 was the start of an ongoing desire to project two identities onto one being and a continuing interest in site-specific work that began in 2009. 

Valentines Mansion
Illford, Essex

The Lake Twins created a video installation depicting a performance on two facing projection screens. The work responded to the connection and unity between two of Valentines mansions early residents, Robert Surman (1724-1754) and Charles Raymond (1754-1788). Sounds recorded in various locations connected to the early residents were brought into the space to unite past and present.


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